Monday, April 13, 2009

What are those blow & make a wish flowers/plants called?

They%26#039;re the ones that you blow and make a wish, but I don%26#039;t remember what they%26#039;re called. They%26#039;re more a plant and they%26#039;re not the kind you can purchase. They%26#039;re just in the fields. Thanks!!
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersThey are dandelions after they have gone to seed

dunno if thats how you spell it though.
Reply:Dandelion.They are a weed.
Reply:Dandilion, make a wish that that old lady doesnt see you blowing them into her yard!!!
Reply:A dandelion clock is the little white flower you can blow on and it flies away.
Reply:Dandelions....which are not even native to America. Extremely weedy and the reason ppl spend tons of $$$ every year to poison the ground with sprays to try and get rid of them.
Reply:Dandelions, also known in China as Yellow Flowered Earth Nails. We called them love poesy%26#039;s because children delight in gathering bouquets for their Mothers.

Known as weeds in this Country but are truly an amazing vegetable in Europe, the dandelion is one of the dynamic plants that affect surrounding vegetation in a positive way.

Wine made from the yellow flower is a powerful diuretic and is listed in the oldest known Pharmaceuticals worldwide. The leaves are edible as is the tufts of the flower but the stem and the button holding the flower must be discarded as they contain latex. This was a real source of rubber during World War Two when rubber came in short supply. See THE DANDELION CELEBRATION by Peter Gail at Goosefoot Acres. A Botanist from Cleveland State University, he also sponsors a wonderful dandelion Cook-off event each Spring.
Reply:They are dandilions weeds. The yellow flower is in bloom but the white fly away part is the seed. Once these blow away and hit the ground they multiple. Some people call them a pest and try to get rid of them with chemicals, however this is just a waste of money because the chemicals only kill the plant not the seeds. Dandilion greens can be eaten and are healthly like lettuce or can be cooked, made into wine and several other things!
Reply:The dandelion flower matures into a globe of fine filaments that are usually distributed by wind, carrying away the seed-containing achenes. This globe (receptacle) is called the %26quot;dandelion clock%26quot;, and blowing it apart is a popular pastime for children. In German it%26#039;s called a Pusteblume, translated as %26quot;blow flower%26quot;. The number of blows required to completely rid the clock of its seeds is deemed to be the time of day.

Take care!
Reply:cattails. They grow around ponds, or where there is water.
Reply:Dandelions--thy are a weed not a flower
Reply:Dandelions...the bane of every gardener!Soles

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